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Big Life Decision in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

For big life decisions, the George A Reed Agency can help! Contact us today.

Moving into a new home or apartment? We provide many types of coverage for home owners. From insuring your home down to obtaining additional coverage for personal item protection, the George A. Reed Agency, Inc. will help you make the right decisions.
That new car smell is one of the things that never gets old. From classics to current models, we provide coverage for all types of automobiles. All car purchases are different, ask us how we can figure out what coverages work for you.
Life throws you many twists and turns. When buying a new home, many things like flooding during a bad storm, alarm systems, and the nearest fire hydrant can affect the cost of your insurance coverage. Ask us how we can help you decide on what is unique to your situation.
Your own personal off-shore escape. Enjoying time on the open water is essential. Ask us how we can help you stay afloat.
Whether you enjoy riding the open roads or the back countryside, we can help! We provide coverage for anything from street bikes and dirt bikes to golf carts and all-terrain vehicles. Ask us how we will find the right policy for you.
High School is over and you need to be prepared for what life throws at you next. Ask us about protecting your belongings, along with auto and renters insurance to find out what we can do for you.
Upon graduating, you will have many decisions to make. Ask us any questions you may have about Auto, Homeowners, and Life insurance.
Tying the knot is one of the most memorable things in life. Before your big day, make sure you are moving in the right direction with your insurance. Ask the George A Reed Agency how we can help with your Auto, Homeowners, and Life Insurance as you take a leap of faith with your significant other!
Engagement ring? Antiques? Inheritance? For peace of mind learn how you can get your important valuables covered!
Bringing a new life into this world is a life changing experience. Life is valuable and treasured, and it is important that you are prepared and that your children are in good hands. Ask the George A Reed Agency how we can help protect your family.
Insuring new drivers in the family may not be low-cost. Although it isn't cheap to insure a younger driver, there are many things that can influence the price. Consider buying an insurance friendly automobile and having your young driver complete an approved driver training course which in return gives the parents a discount on coverage.
From going on a cruise in the Caribbean to traveling to a theme park with the kids, getting away is one of the things you look forward to all year long. Ask us how we can insure your belongings are protected and covered while renting a car while you are away.
Living beyond 9 to 5. Retirement is another big step in your life. There are many things to think about that you haven’t thought of before. Do you go south for the holidays? Do you want to travel? What are your plans for the future? Ask the George A Reed Agency how we can assist you along the way to appreciate your time once again.
Splitting up is hard to do, and we can make the transition a lot easier. We can provide you with a plan that best fits your situation. Ask us how we can help and help you get you back on your feet with coverage for your Auto, Homeowners, and most importantly yourself.